SHENZHEN, CHINA – XIFEI is a leading name in the production and sales of high-end cigar smoking accessories, creating a wide array of products that are essential for the cigar lover. These items include their multi-functional cigar lighter, their acrylic humidor jar, the multi-functional cigar punch, and the cedar wood cigar humidor. These products are the pride of the XIFEI brand, a brand that is dedication to excellence and innovations. XIFEI makes it a priority to ensure that they create the highest quality products for their customers, giving them items that can transform their cigar smoking experience int the most enjoyable experience.



The XIFEI Multi-Functional Cigar Light is a convenient and compact tool that has everything the cigar lover needs to enjoy a cigar on the go. The major component of this tool is the lighter, which is a butane-fueled lighter that is refillable. This means that customers can enjoy this product for as long as possible without replacing it just because it’s out of fuel. If that’s all this tool were, that would be impressive enough. However, this tool also has a cigar holder, cigar stand, cigar puncher, and a uniquely designed cigar draw enhancer. All of these items are found within a single lightweight and compact case that fits neatly in the pocket so that people can carry it with them wherever they go.


The XIFEI Acrylic Cigar Humidor Jar was specifically constructed to ensure the ideal conditions for storing cigars. With an airtight sealed top and humidifier and dropper, customers get everything that they need to for creating the best environment for storing cigars. This is also a great way to display cigar collection, as it is made from a high-quality and transparent acrylic material. This was designed to not only look sleek, but to allow customers to easily adjust the humidity as needed for optimal cigar storage.

Another compact solution that is offered by XIFEI is the Multi-Functional Cigar Punch. Made to be easily carried with customers wherever they go, this tool has not only the essential cigar punch but it also a 4-pointed sharp knife to help get the best results from the cigar punch.

Lastly, XIFEI is proud of their Cedar Wood Cigar Humidor. This high-end humidor is a statement of sophistication as well as being a functional piece for storing cigars. There is a window design at the top of the box and a digital meter to help customers see the humidity levels to ensure that everything is at the right levels. In addition to being a humidor solution that keeps cigars fresh, this particular humidor has storage solutions for a cigar lighter and cigar cutter.


For people who want high-end solutions for their cigar collection, XIFEI is a brand that is known for creating innovative and quality cigar accessories. Using only the best materials, every item is crafted to ensure the quality experience that high-end cigar fans are looking for. XIFEI manufactures and creates a complete line that makes for the perfect gifts for cigar fans or customers that want to make sure that they have the best items for their passion for cigars.


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