Hongkong, Sep 09, 2019 – – In the initial stage when the LEBEN ecosystem has not been established, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain technologies are relatively primitive. There are a lot of data production and potential data demand. However, data demand is limited due to the scarce data supply. This stage faces two problems and difficulties: (1) the data is not fully mined; (2) the data ownership cannot be guaranteed so that the data cannot be traded safely and credibly. The above two factors jointly lead to the mismatch between data production and data supply and cause the scarce data supply. Other digital assets like algorithms can’t be generated, which directly leads to the supply and demand dilemma of digital assets, and further restricts the development of the transaction market.


Supply and demand dilemma in the initial stage: Data use right and ownership are indistinguishable → Scarce supply from data owners → Data user demand needs to be satisfied urgently → Digital assets supply and demand dilemma → The stagnant development of digital asset transaction market.

LEBEN Ecosystem will solve the digital assets supply and demand dilemma through the development of two stages and strive for the development of the next stage to improve social welfare.


The first stage: LEBEN builds the empowerment ecological layer, the supply-side reform.

The trusted data transaction platform can clearly distinguish data ownership and use right. It becomes possible to make data assets usable but non-copyable by using technologies, hereby reducing transaction costs and liberating data supply. Therefore, data assets can be traded quickly, fairly and safely and data supply and demand can be matched. Meanwhile, abundant supply of digital assets, like algorithms, smart medical solutions and medical insurance, continues to fulfill the needs of digital assets users so as to realize a prosperous trading market. LEBEN empowerment ecological layer: Trusted data transaction platform establishment → Liberation of data supply → Data supply and demand satisfaction → Digital asset supply increases → Digital asset supply and demand satisfaction → Digital asset trading market prosperity.


The second stage: LEBEN builds an innovation ecological layer, the demand-side boosts.

Business innovation under the LEBEN ecosystem has completely liberated the demand for digital assets, which will greatly facilitate the development of technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence; enable data values to be fully minded; and make data eventually be produced and supplied on demand. LEBEN innovation ecological layer: The establishment of incentive mechanism and business innovation results in thorough stimulation of data user demand and further improves the data value mining ability. In this way, the data production and data supply gap is narrowed and the data supply and demand are simultaneously expanded.


The third stage: LEBEN further expands to maximize the social value.

After the development of the first two stages, the LEBEN ecosystem will demonstrate a strong, inclusive and efficient system. Besides, LEBEN will seek cooperation with the official government, such as the introduction of the emergency response mechanism of major diseases and disasters, to further pursue social welfare.


LEBEN’s Ecological Value

The value of LEBEN lies in the fact that data supply can be expanded from the supply-side reform. In the empowerment ecological layer, a great environment is created to reduce transaction costs and improve efficiency by establishing a trusted data transaction platform in order to make data owners supply bravely, willingly and positively and to promote the balance of data supply and demand. After that, through establishing the innovation ecological layer, the user’s data demand will be further stimulated, and data production and supply will be driven by data demand to create their own virtuous circle. It can realize the simultaneous expansion in the digital assets supply and demand and further promote the prosperity of LEBEN ecosystem.



LEBEN Ecosystem’s Transformation to the Healthcare Industry



LEBEN is an smart-contract-based collaboration platform that technologically features “creditable medical data exchange”and“profound sharing of medical knowledge”. The trusted computing technologies ensure that the data is not duplicated, moved or visible during the process of exchange so as to ensure trusted data exchange between different institutions, different areas and different countries. Meanwhile, with another knowledge computerization technology we develop, doctors can easily turn their own knowledge into smart contracts so as to carry out effective studies and even provide auxiliary decisions for diagnosis and treatment. This technology will help to achieve in-depth sharing of medical knowledge. With the application and development of trusted data and the participation of all ecological parties, LEBEN will promote the rapid development of digital petroleum economy and healthcare homogenization, benefiting billions of people. Know more at Leben official website: http://leben.pro

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