The United States government has put forward a strong denial to the idea of the workers taking a nap at work. But as per the opinion of the experts, they should reconsider the idea again.

Federal employees have since long faced criticism for sleeping at work, but that has never been explicitly banned for them till now.

A directive ordered earlier this month by the General Services Administration said that all persons were prohibited from sleeping in federal buildings, except when such an activity is authorized by an agency official.

No one can say what exactly made the officials issue this directive. No one was available to make a comment on this. But it is not the first time when the government has had to take a crackdown on the workers taking a nap at the work place.

The California’s State Auditor’s office released a report in the year 2018. This report was on a Department of Motor Vehicles worker, who slept up to three hours in a day at her work place. This report made an estimate that this worker’s work time naps cost the state $40,000, in lost productivity for over four years.

This report also said that this employee’s work time naps forced her coullagues to cover for her and pick up her slack.

This worker was not admonished, since her supervisor was concerned that the worker had a health problem that caused the worker this drowsiness.

The argument about the napping time at workplace is about increasing the productivity, not for diminishing it. Lost sleep of workers is ringing the alarm bells for many.

It is estimated by Dr, Lawrence Epstein, past President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Medical Director of Clinical Sleep Medicine at Brigham and the Women’s Hospital at Boston that about 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders.