Today RocheHandle announced that it will continue to supply drawer hardware to the Europe Market. For the last eleven years, Rochehandle has been supplying cabinet hardware to cabinet companies in the Europe market.

Companies in the Europe will access a range of cabinet hardware such as cabinet drawer handles, antique drawer pull handles, modern handles, more details please check here.

“Rochehandle will continue to support the Europe Market with its new designs of cabinet hardware for the efficient and safe supply of various design,” said Robin, Rochehandle Marketing Manager. “Our Cabinet hardware conforms to the set industry standards and meet the specific requirements in the Europe market.”

For a steady supply of cabinet hardware, Rochehandle is cooperating with companies and businesses in the Europe market. At the moment, Rochehandle supplies three containers with cabinet hardware in the Europe market.

As an expert cabinet hardware design, Rochehandle adheres to strict quality control (QC) in all stages in the manufacturing process. From the selection of material, machining, fabrication to finishing procedures, Rochehandle produces durable, strong and robust Cabinet hardware.

For over eleven years in the Europe Market, Rochehandle has not received any complaints about its cabinet hardware. With years of experience in the industry, Rochehandle knows how to control the quality of all its cabinet hardware.

Also available are custom made cabinet hardware for specific needs of customers.

To improve the surface finish of cabinet hardware, Rochehandle uses other technologies such as hot-dip galvanizing. It has modern equipment to improve cabinet hardware production.See more details

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Company Name: Dongguan Roche Industrial Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Robin Luo
Phone No: +86-13392706499
Address: No.83, XiZheng 1st Road, Shajiao Community, Humen Town
City: Dongguan City
State: Guangdong Province, 523936
Country: China
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