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Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite

Slave to the Dream: Everyone’s Dream by Gaylan D Wright is an autobiography that gives a powerful social commentary on the American dream. A state trooper examines his years of service for eighteen years and asks very pertinent questions on leadership and management, proper training and fellowship at work, personal fulfillment and purpose. As a highway patrol officer, the author got to experience the worst in human nature, looked tragedy in the face, and had to navigate very complicated situations. But how he finds meaning in his work is the point that drives the message of this book.

The writing is insightful with a reflective nature in the narrative and this unique style opens the story with a strong distinction between one who effectively leads and one who simply manages. Readers will find lessons in this book that will help them take control of their own lives, make decisions that positively impact others, and discover the intangible threads of our humanity that bind us together. The writing is simple and fluid and filled with insights. Gaylan D Wright makes social, political, and cultural commentaries, inviting readers to ponder on American reality and to be open to positive criticism. While this is supposed to be a personal story, the author uses it to uncover the broken parts in the American dream and shows readers the attitudes and values that can make the country a better place. Slave to the Dream: Everyone’s Dream is a powerful testament of a patriot and an intelligently written story that shows the connection between personal life and nation-building. Gaylan D Wright made a difference in his career and, in this book, he teaches readers how to stand up.”

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