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Reviewed By Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

Justice is the opening book in The Black Shade of White trilogy by Cattleya, a novel with a magical setting, phenomenal characters, and strong themes that are intelligently developed. The novel plunges the reader into a strife-ridden medieval Aragon where powerful forces are pitted against each other. In this novel, the author explores the proverbial struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, and creates situations that symbolize the perpetual clash of conflicting forces. But how can evil be defeated, and can truth outdo falsehood? To beat the Evil one can the Good become Evil?

From the opening pages, readers encounter strong characters like the Archangel, Surielith the Angelic Princess of Justice. She is one of those who have special access to the magical place in the Heavenly Kingdom, together with Gabriel, Rafael, Matatron, and Arakiel. She is in pain, held captive and under torture. But she is only starting on a path that is fraught with danger and Evil and the reader wonders if she can win. The Evil in Samael is growing more and more and it is eating into the hearts of the humans, condemning them for eternity. Can descending into the abyss offer the opportunity to beat Evil once and for all? The stakes are high, with murder rendered banal and life not something as sacred as we know it to be.

Justice by Cattleya is an inspirational novel filled with magical realism, a story that can be imagined as taking place on the spiritual plane. It is filled with action and readers can easily relate to the characters, even the Angelic Princess of Justice carries a unique birthmark, the little tattoo not made by human hands. I enjoyed the insightful writing and the numerous reflections on diverse topics, including life, death, love, justice, eternity, and meaning. The writing is highly descriptive, fluid, and the scenes are focused. This is a novel that quickly excites the imagination of the reader and gets them emotionally involved with the characters.”

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