Recently, Interbono Estates an investment company from Cyprus has been investigating new business opportunities in the real estate field in Latin America.

Paraguay has great options for long-term investing based on the data collected. Interbono aims at property-under-construction in residential sectors as the GDP per capita has shown stable growth despite $21 billion loss during recession.

With certain states of Europe still being under the after-effects of world recession Interbono Estates Limited decided to search for another option for the capital placement. Currently this business vehicle aims at real estate units of various types. Since the year of the foundation property has been #1 asset even though the crisis brought hard times for this Cyprus-based company. Now when certain economies almost ended its recovery period Interbono Estates Limited also returns to the arena of real estate investments.

The management of Interbono Estates Limited announced the territory of Latin America as the most perspective region for current investments. States like Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela or Brazil managed to bring certain spheres of its economy to a good shape. One may ask how interesting the opportunities in country like Paraguay can be. The answer is obvious. Within the last year the sales volume for the objects in the development stage has increased significantly. The forecasts for 2020 is also very promising.

Currently the real estate market of Paraguay can offer quite limited number of solutions due to reduced number of construction projects within last years. The market turned out to be unprepared for high demand so the vast majority of real estate objects are sold before the development even finished. According to official date provided by Paraguayan government 70% of all registered purchase and sales deals were made for the property-under-construction. This is a remarkable sign showing customers trust, increased purchasing power and strong demand for new real estate opportunities.

Soon Interbono Estates Limited may start vast investment campaign in Paraguay to seize the opportunities at this stage.

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