TALLINN, ESTONIA – ‘Sports D³’ (D-Cubed Ventures OU), a tokenization platform and digital assets exchange for the global sports industry, is pleased to announce that it has been granted an operating crypto-license by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Estonia.


‘Sports D³’ provides professional sports teams with an innovative alternative to raising funds by facilitating crowd-formation of capital on its DLT-powered platform, where clubs are able to digitize, securitize and sell their assets to fan-investors in the form of Security Token Offerings (STO).

With the approval of a Virtual Currency Exchange and a Virtual Currency Wallet License, ‘Sports D³’ is now a fully regulated digital assets exchange, with the capability to deliver its solutions to sports clubs and their fans in 27 European jurisdictions. This milestone marks the next step in ‘Sports D³’ development and paves the way for securing the financial intermediary status and expanding into other continents.

Gene Swinton, Founder & CEO of ‘Sports D³’ said: “There are over 400 million football fans in Europe, who are not only among the most devoted fans in the world but who also happen to score higher in their ability to invest. We are delighted to be granted this license, as it will provide fan-investors with a simple, low-cost, fiat-to-crypto ON-ramp and enable their investment activities on the SD³ platform”.

 “We will continue on our mission to democratize finances in the global sports industry, starting with the European football space. By providing professional football clubs in Europe with access to capital crowd-sourced from millions of fan-investors, SD³ heralds a new era for crowd-capital and its prominent role in the development of football” concluded Mr. Swinton.

To learn more about the ‘Sports D³’ solution or pre-register for early access to the platform,  click here. For investor and media inquiries email us at info@SportsD3.com

About Sports D³ (D-Cubed Ventures OU)|www. SportsD3.com

‘Sports D³’ is a trade name used by D-Cubed Ventures OU, a financial and sports technology company developing  a regulatory-compliant tokenization platform and digital assets exchange for the global sports industry with mid-2021 as a target completion and official launch date. SD³ platform enables crowd-formation of capital from millions of fan-investors and provides professional sports clubs and athletes with access to alternative sources of debt/equity financing via Security Tokens Offerings (STOs) on a public blockchain. ‘Sports D³’ solution stands at the intersection of the sports industry, financial markets, blockchain technology, and millions of sports fan-investors.

This project is led by a team of seasoned professionals, recent graduates from the world’s top-ranking Executive MBA  program at Kellogg School of Management (USA), and supported by an international panel of advisors. With 15,000 users from 50+ countries pre-registered on the platform, strategic collaboration agreements in place with FC Shakhtar and other European clubs, SD³ strives to instill more democratic practices, as it relates to finances within the global sports industry.

Registered in Estonia #14773533 on July 29, 2019, and operating under FIU license #FVT000159, issued on 14-Sept-2020.


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