As Coronavirus cases grow, people have started turning to astrology and gem therapy as a line of defence against Covid-19. In such scenarios, forward planning, strategizing and preparing agendas take a backseat for various businesses. Well, Brahma Gems, Delhi’s leading gem store incepted in the year 2011, a unit of M/s Aarush Gems Pvt. Ltd. was no different in terms of preparing for what was coming.

Fortunately, the founder and CEO of Brahma Gems, Mr. Anshul Goyal remained optimistic in bringing standardized, unique and authentic gem buying experience to its consumers. While the world was busy dreading corona, he valiantly reflected on removing the misconceptions associated with astrology and gems. The faith in gems and Hindu Vedic astrology is increasing across the world and that’s what he wanted to prove with his ideologies and the gem business.

Like many gemstone outlets, the brick-and-mortar Brahma Gems store in Delhi has interiors that ooze opulence, culture and luxury. The entity also hosts an online store, which is none other than an amazing showcase of a wide range of 100% natural gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, pearls, hessonite and rudraksha that come with certifications (lab reports). Each of these designs in both offline as well as online stores highlights the unwavering perseverance towards excellence with exquisite cuts, stunning shapes, originality and genuineness.

The precious rocks are believed to be endowed with astrological and healing powers but with the fake and treated ones available in the market, Brahma Gems comes to the rescue of buyers that not only guarantees Govt. Lab Certified authentic gemstones but also elevates its customers buying experience by providing free consultation and guidance.

Under the leadership of experienced and skilled gemologists, Brahma Gems aims at delivering 100% real, unheated and untreated precious and semiprecious gemstones in India and worldwide. Well, acquiring and retaining customers is no cake walk but still the founder, Mr. Anshul Goyal is defying all odds because what he is giving to the masses is his passion, knowledge and a direct experience in the gem field and trade.

Mr. Anshul has embraced his dreams, shed his fears, saved money, learnt all what he could and then dived in. So, in his case passion and education was worth more than just having a successful business. He might be a CEO but being in the gem industry, he considers himself to be a student forever. So, with a mind-set which is to educate the masses and not propagate his name, rolled out another hidden treasure in the form of a book- Discover the Power and Secrets of Gemstones- Why 90% of the people don’t get results from Gemstones?

The creator and originator of the book, Mr. Anshul Goyal’s vision and mission is to impart knowledge and make people alert by providing examples and references from his own life that are not traditionally offered in any gemology courses or schools.

His hard work signifies astrology to be rightly understood and the ambiguities around it to be removed. The passion turned into Brahmagems and in his esteemed presence, it’s truly outshining. So, if you wish to buy an authentic and 100% gemstone online or from the offline store in Delhi NCR, you can place your order and can also get the doorstep delivery anywhere in the world.

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