April 5, 2021 – An optimistic and determined black female named Lea’ Gardner has gone ahead to defile all odds against her to make a big achievement towards fulfilling her goal of making an impact in the fashion industry. Lea’ Gardner who is also named Queen recently launched a big fashion & entertainment magazine titled Black Opal, after battling with numerous challenges that could have made an ordinary individual give up on her goal.

This unique magazine “Black Opal” is targeted at showcasing the rare beauty and real stories of different “RAW GEMS” across the globe. These raw gems include individuals of all sizes, ages, sexual orientation, skin disorders, disabilities & more who have inspirational stories. Additionally, as a brand, Black Opal is also aimed at promoting beauty, fashion, events and also helping existing and aspiring models with training and opportunities that will catapult them to the climax of their career.

Talking about the owner of Black Opal, Queen is an amazing woman with a heart full of love which she expresses by creating unique custom-made creations as a way of leaving the world with a share of the legacy of her love. Disabilities & using a wheelchair & her size isn’t what defines Queen the woman, she has learned to turn her weaknesses into her strength and push & fight past adversities & has the tenacity to create a lane in areas where she isn’t wanted or desired to help create opportunities for other individuals who are told NO because they don’t fit in & Queen takes pride in being an advocate & activist for her cause & purpose & others alongside her.

Queen creations cut across writing, poetry, being an author, writing plays, and movies scripting for herself written/directed & produced Mini Movies, her TV Talk Show “Ladies Of Society” & her future TV Mini-Series & more. She also expresses her love for creativity through fashion & multiple fashion lines to especially include her International Fashion Line “Queens Fashion Glam Line” which has showcased in an 8 city tour in Africa, Dubai, London, Tokyo, Paris, Italy & in multiple NYFW shows and all over the world.   Additionally, she has her own custom lash line creations, her custom doll collection, her candle collection, and more all handcrafted by Queen herself.

Queen has taken all her very own products & established a two in one boutique to sell all of her custom creations in a physical & online business called “Queens Custom Creations Boutique” & “Beautiful Baby Butterflies Boutique” Located in Queen’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio at “2020 Leonard Ave., Suite 100 N, and her filming & photography studio “Queen Of Queens Studios” in Suite 100 M. Talking about how she found her path to this industry, Queen said;

My inspiration to venture into the fashion industry was drawn from the challenges of being bullied and ridiculed that I faced for being an obese and dark-skinned little girl. This experience at first sank my self-esteem in the ocean of depression because the ugly experiences I had was accompanied by numerous discouraging words that talked me down of my chances of fulfilling my dream. I eventually came out of the cage of depression via my encounter with a fascinating image I saw on social media that captured my mind with the fashion and photography concept behind it.

Black Opal, as rare that it is, is loaded with wide varieties of creative, unique, and artsy content that can motivate, inspire and thrill their readers and supporters. The magazine can be purchased at Queens Custom Creations Boutique” 2020 Leonard Ave., Suite 100 N Columbus, Ohio 43219 as well as on the website BlackOpalMagazine.com for $12.95 per copy.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: The Black Opal
Contact Person: Queen Lea’ Gardner, Founder & EditorOf Black Opal Magazine
Email: Send Email
Phone No: 614 378 5698
Address: 2020 Leonard Avenue, Suite 100 N
City: Columbus
State: Ohio 43219
Country: United States
Website Url: https://www.blackopalmagazine.com/

Source: www.PRExhibition.com