Directed by Martin Del Carpio and Keith D. Bracker, Watercolor Image chronicles the story of Zoe, an aspiring performer slowly losing her grip on reality.

Zoe is bothered by her overwork and burnout so as a coping mechanism, she escapes further and further into painting watercolor images in her free time. As the line between fantasy and reality blurs, Zoe finds herself transported to a place that exists only in her mind, a place free of all negative aspects of her real life. Right off the bat, the makers behind the short develop the story with a series of twists that add tension and thrill to the narrative.

While the cinematography could have been a little more nuanced, the visual shortcomings are more than made up by the narrative and the acting. Rosie Xu, who plays the main character Zoe, gives off a tender energy as she plays the sensitive and vulnerable Zoe to perfection. The sound editing is haunting as well as bouts of silence are followed by a mysterious soundtrack that works well with the reality-bending nature of the film. Overall, Watercolor Image is a competently made short film that showcases the acting talents of Rosie Xu in a self contained story that mostly works as intended.
Directed by Keith D. Bracker & Martin Del Carpio
Cinematography William J. Murray And victoria Radrigan
Writing And Produce By Cherry Fu And Ceemediaproductions
Actors : Rosie Xu ,Henardo Rodriguez ,Adriana Sfara ,
Meixin Chen and Miki Hanta

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