The Award was presented by the honorable Vice-President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu at the Global Bio-India 2021 Conclave

Hyderabad, India – April 22, 2021 – Couth Infotech Private Limited (“CouthIT”), one of India’s leading embedded/application software development company, announced that the smartphone App SEE SOUND LIVETM, architected and developed by CouthIT for 4S Medical Research (“4S”), has been conferred with the BIRAC Innovator Award 2021.

Dr. Krishna Nagarajan, CEO of CouthIT, said that SEE SOUND LIVETM is a ground breaking “Made-in-India” product that helps the deaf learn how to speak. CouthIT developed SEE SOUND LIVETM smartphone App in 2019 and it is powered by our phoneme-recognition engine to provide a real-time visual feedback of phoneme sounds uttered by the user. To our best knowledge, this is also the first-ever smartphone App that can potentially validate the popular “One Learning Algorithm Hypothesis” – that is, the portion of the brain dedicated to process visual signals can be trained to process auditory signals as well. We are very happy and thrilled to hear that SEE SOUND LIVETMhas been conferred with BIRAC Innovator Award 2021.

Dr. Shomeshwar Singh, Founder Director of 4S, said that SEE SOUND LIVETM has the potential to become for the deaf what Braille is for the blind today. It is a new way to learn how to speak for hearing and speech impaired children and adults who have had very limited / no success with hearing aids or cochlear implants or speech therapy and who currently rely only on sign language. This app on your smart phone allows you to try to speak new sounds, starting with basic sounds like Aa, Ee, Oo etc and then moving onto more complex sounds like Oi, Aiee, etc. See Sound Live also gives the user a feedback on how well they are doing with articulation tips and volumetric feedback as well. By practicing these new sounds, the user is able to improve their performance in uttering these sounds one by one over time. Patent for this solution (See Sound LiveTM) is pending with the Controller of Patents, New Delhi, India. We are very excited that it has been conferred the BIRAC Innovator Award 2021 under the Biomedical Devices and Diagnostics Category.

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About CouthIT: Couth Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (“CouthIT”), established in 1999 and headquartered in Hyderabad, India, and consists of Embedded and Application Software business units. The Embedded Software development team is a leading global provider of highly optimized, best-in-class, multimedia and industrial IOT middle-ware solutions to OEMs and Design houses.  The Application Software development team focuses on working with small and medium-size software development companies who are looking for an outsourcing partner for developing software apps that are scalable, high-volume and database-intensive modules. For more information, please visit, or email to

About 4S: 4S Medical Research was incorporated in 2014 and has carried out research work in the field of hearing loss and its treatment. Since late 2016, 4S Medical Research is exclusively working in developing See Sound LiveTM – an innovation in the field of speech restoration in deaf and dumb children and adults. This work was supported by a generous Research Grant from BIRAC – Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, Govt. of India. For more information, please visit, or email

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