“The Rings of Hesaurun: Book One” by Peter Harrett is a new sci-fi novel which pens a riveting tale of time-travel, aliens, primitive earthlings, people from the present, future, aliens and more such interesting subjects.

April 20, 2021: Is it possible to “contain” time to escape the present? Sounds intriguing, right? Well, a new sci-fi book, “The Rings of Hesaurun: Book One”, tells the tale of such a mind-bending fantasy that could evoke thoughts on a bunch of age-old moot concepts like time-travel, aliens and starship. Written by Peter Harrett, the book has been released on Amazon this month and has already earned rave reviews from the readers.

The protagonist of “The Rings of Hesaurun” is a brave starship commander Valerie Dunne. The story starts with Valerie fleeing a dangerous alien menace riding her starship The Dreamer which somehow lands on Earth- precisely the ancient earth that dates back to 2436 BCE. The crash-land of The Dreamer naturally evokes curiosity among the ancient earthlings who are stunned to discover that they have a 5,000 year old woman on their land who comes straight from the future.

Valerie wields the powerful five Rings of Hesaurun, ancient sentient mechanoids that empowers her with the ability to manipulate time, which she uses to hide in the past to escape from her enemy, the Boecki. The story takes a new twist when the primitive earthlings discover that the future of the world is now dependent on this mysterious woman’s capacity to harness the energy of the Fifth Ring of Hesaurun, master of the five, plus the four lesser rings. Valerie must employ these powers to change her destiny—and that of the world.

I am excited to announce the release of my new sci-fi book ‘The Rings of Hesaurun: Book One’ which brings in a saga of science and fantasy in a new cover for the readers of the 21st century. The book covers different intriguing subjects, ranging from starship to time-traveling to aliens which have always evoked curiosity as well as endless questions and discussions. Added to all these, there are some really cool supernatural elements which I hope will keep the readers engaged and intrigued all through”, stated Peter Harrett, the author of the book.

The Rings of Hesaurun” explores the age-old concepts of the battle between good & evil, the fight for rescue & survival as well as the tale of love & betrayal. It also brings to light a unique threat to the human race which mankind hasn’t faced ever.

I am thrilled with the response the first part of the book has received from the early readers. It’s your support that keeps me going and I am soon to release the second part of the book in the summer of 2021.”

About the Author:

An author by passion, Peter D. Harrett credits his keen interest in writing and literature to his beloved grandad, Peter James Bennett, a great poet himself as well as the role model and mentor of the author since his childhood. “The Rings of Hesaurun: Book One” is his first novel and he is soon to release “The Ring Bearers,” book 2 in the series of four. The author currently lives in Western Washington with his family.

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