Aroma Du Monde -One-Stop purchasing service for the Fragrance products such as Aroma diffuser, Scented candle, Reed diffuser from Outstanding Design & Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

Outstanding Design & Manufacture Co.,Ltd., have more than 17 years’ experience on the aroma products. They are one of the leading factory engaged in home aroma line in China, and their products range include Aroma Diffuser, Reed diffuser, Scented candle, Car diffuser, Essential oil, and other home decoration products.

And they offer:

1)       Strong R&D team to supply the unique designed products

2)       Market protection, Brand protection

3)       High level quality products

4)       On-time delivery

5)       24 hours stand-by customer service

6)       Good payment terms.


They will help the customer to save time and let them no worry about the sampling time, no need to worry about the delivery date, no need to worry about the quality.

The material of their products including: Glass, Ceramic, Concrete, Plastic, Metal, and different customers could find what they need from the products range with competitive price.

 Their main market is the United States, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Fiji, Austria, Spain. Our aroma products enjoy good reputation among clients in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, South Africa and many more. 

One could find many innovative products from their website:

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