An announcement was posted highlighting that Wozinga and its partner exchange, Bitxchange (opening specifically in time for Bitcoin 2.0 listing) that to ensure more of the public can access from its first day of trading on an exchange, that it has requested the list date be rescheduled to May 26th.

Below is the official release:

Bitcoin 2.0 listing almost ready.

Plans are on track for the Bitcoin 2.0 listing on Wozinga and on its a new partner Exchange Bitxchange (launching specifically in time for the Bitcoin 2.0)
Note. There is a team of over 100 staff operating very long hours to get the listing on the exchange to have the listing be open to as many of the public as possible from day one.

Due to the unprecedented demand, the exchange’s listing Bitcoin 2.0 team requires more time for the listing to go live otherwise many won’t be able to purchase or trade from day one until their accounts are open and verified.

The exchanges have asked the listing date be pushed back to the week after next, being May 28th to enable as many trading accounts be opened and completed. Wallets for Bitcoin 2.0

These are being loaded as we speak and verified before being issued.

It is expected the large majority will be sent out this week.

Once again due to above expected demand the workload has caused it to take longer as more team members are added.

Please be patient as more wallets are loaded and issued.

If you are a pre seed purchaser or donor to independent media partners (who received Bitcoin 2.0 as a bonus for making donations to support Independent media before the listing) you can’t sell down your holdings for 60 days. And then at a max of 8.33% per month for 12 months.

This is done to reduce potential dumping of coins, and is for everyone’s benefit.

There will be ample time to receive your wallet loaded so once again please be patient, to reduce staff time on customer service questions (which almost 100% of wallets are expected to be issued by end of the week).

Then we will be issuing free Bitcoin 2.0 to anyone opening an account with Bitxchange (a link to open will be issued soon).

Bitxchange and Wozinga have exclusive rights for the initial 60 days from listing to purchase and trade Bitcoin 2.0.

You then can acquire more Bitcoin 2.0 via the exchange.

Note- anyone buying Bitcoin 2.0,via the exchanges, once listed can sell them at anytime without restrictions.

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