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SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, 14 July 2021 For ages people have expressed themselves through fashion and collectibles, and recent leaps in technology have taken these interests from the physical world to the digital. Today, Watch Skins is leading this charge by using Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) to create the world’s first wearable digital collectibles, and they couldn’t be more well timed.

Future Fashion

The emergence of NFTs makes it easy to prove the authenticity of digital goods. Watch Skins has created an NFT marketplace that allows for the creation of NFT-based watch faces, making it possible for collectors to verify the scarcity and originality of their digital timepieces.

According to Collin Knock, founder & Chief Executive Officer, ‘Crypto Watches is an entirely virtual NFT fashion brand launching on the Watch Skins marketplace. It’s a first of its kind, cutting-edge combination of fashion and tech.’

To further this end, the company aims to acquire top brand licenses in multiple fields, such as sports, entertainment, music, celebrities, and influencers. The CEO explained, ‘Watch Skins is working to license major brands in order to bring them to our platform, and focusing on the ability to integrate features that are more specific to a brand and to an individual’s interests.’

Knowing your audience

Watch Skins focuses on luxury, fashion, and entertainment verticals, at a delta where the younger segment is embracing the digital world. Despite that fact, Watch Skins still has broad appeal to those looking to more deeply interact and integrate with technology and in that sense wider adoption feels almost inevitable. Because watches are a universal accessory, Watch Skins could theoretically have something for everybody. The company intends to expand gradually from trendsetters and collectors to mass market adoption

The Road Ahead

The idea for the business was an epiphany to the founder in 2018, but today as the Watch Skins train pulls into the station, it seems downright obvious. January 2020 marked a very favorable reception to the teams CES launch in Las Vegas, and despite the challenges of a covid economy they have pushed forward, working to form partnerships with brands and licensors. To assist on this front,The Brand Liaison has been tapped to handle all licensing matters, and currently has started negotiations with many influential properties for licensing deals.

Release date

Watch Skins just announced the release of the Crypto Watches “Gotham” edition, and July 15th you can purchase the first smart wearable NFT from the Watch Skins marketplace. Sign up now for notifications on

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