Vua Bon Nuoc is a subsidiary of Buildy Joint Stock Company that is the first online supermarket of water tanks in Vietnam. Vua Bon Nuoc specializes in distributing water tanks that are genuine, safe, and high quality. Therefore, Vua Bon Nuoc always has a firm foothold in the hearts of customers, becoming the most preferred distributor of water tank products nationwide. Vua Bon Nuoc is always ready to serve you in the best way! More and more customers are turning to Vua Bon Nuoc, now synonymous for quality and value in the water tank industry.

About Vua Bon Nuoc

Vua Bon Nuoc – a subsidiary of Buildy Joint Stock Company – has become the leading company in the distribution of genuine water tanks, water heaters and sanitary ware in Vietnam.

With the goal of building a chain of high quality products and services over the years, the company has achieved many remarkable achievements.

Vua Bon Nuoc always aspires to become the leading supplier of water tanks, water heaters and sanitary equipment in Vietnam. With new business ways, development directions, Vua Bon Nuoc is increasingly growing in scale, having thoughtful and safe policies for customers.

Working principle focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, Vua Bon Nuoc has successfully distributed products to 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

What makes the brand of Vua Bon Nuoc?

To meet the needs of customers professionally, Vua Bon Nuoc has been improving in both products and services:

  • Vua Bon Nuoc is The unit that provides genuine, imported and branded products.

  • Careful warranty policy.

  • Giving peace of mind to customers.

  • Local delivery, professional on-site installation.

  • Building an online sales system on the website gives customers a comfortable, fast and convenient shopping space.

  • The prices of the products are affordable.

  • Free consultation support.

Product list of Vua Bon Nuoc

Vua Bon Nuoc focuses on distributing genuine products from brands: Son Ha, Nam Thanh, Dai Thanh, Toan My. product list include:

  • Water tanks of Son Ha, Nam Thanh, Dai Thanh, Toan My.

  • Septic tanks of Son Ha, Dai Thanh, Toan My.

  • Energy water heaters solar energy of Son Ha, Nam Thanh, Dai Thanh, Toan My.

  • Other products

The gold commitment of Vua Bon Nuoc

Vua Bon Nuoc aims at optimizing profits for customers. The goal of Vua Bon Nuoc is to build trust among contractors, investors, partners and customers nationwide. Vua Bon Nuoc has golden commitments to make you feel more secure:

  • Professional, dedicated and honest staff.

  • To be a distributor of high-quality products with diverse brand sources, meeting the needs of customers across the country.

  • Competitive product prices.

  • 1 for 1 exchange within 30 days of purchase.

  • Fast delivery time

  • Safe and professional installation.

  • Genuine product with warranty papers.

Vua Bon Nuoc always builds trust and satisfaction for customers when using the product. It is the professionalism and dedication of Vua Bon Nuoc that has made customers trust and choose more and more.

Customers will receive a discount when ordering at the website Contact with Vua Bon Nuoc now for quick advice and order online with the following information:

  • Company name: Buildy Joint Stock Company

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Company Name: Buildy Joint Stock Company
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Country: Vietnam
Website Url: https://vuabonnuoc. com/