According to analyzed data, the sales volume and popularity among users of the vacuum robot have greatly increased in recent years. With constant innovation and upgrading of the technology in the vacuum robot industry, it is no longer a reckless machine, but has evolved into a small butler with high IQ, making housekeeping more efficient than ever, solving everyone’s cleaning troubles. So, which are the best vacuum robots in 2021? Here are four outstanding vacuum robots.

1. Which are the best sweeping robots in 2021? UONI sweeping robot

UONI V980 Plus adopts the automatic dust collection technology and has customized an exclusive self-emptying dustbin. By carrying a 1000W super-powered fan, the sweeping robot can actively clear out the dust into the built-in dust bag of the self-emptying dustbin; when the dust bag is full, you only need to gently lift it and discard it. In terms of vacuuming and mopping, the V980 Plus also performs spectacularly. It can vacuum and mop simultaneously, without the need for manual replacement of the water tank and dust box, which highly improves the cleaning efficiency.

2. Which are the best vacuum robots in 2021? iRobot vacuum robot

The D-shaped design of the iRobot S9+ can easily clean right-angle corners. It is also equipped with an automatic dust collection device, which does not require manual cleaning of the dust box, and also eliminates secondary dust when emptying garbage. However, the sweeping robot S9+ only supports vacuuming, and the mopping has to be implemented with an additional mopping robot, and the cost is relatively high.

3. What are the best vacuum robots in 2021? Roborock vacuum robot

The highlight of the Roborock S7 is that its new mopping module can simulate ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations, and it can scrub at a frequency of 3000 times per minute driven by a brushless motor, which has a good cleaning effect on stubborn stains. At the same time, it is equipped with intelligent mop lifting, when it recognizes the carpet, it will actively raise the mopping module to prevent the carpet from getting wet. But in terms of cleaning and maintenance, the S7 requires manual cleaning up of the dust box, which is troublesome.

4. Which are the best vacuum robots in 2021? Neato vacuum robot

The Neato D6 vacuum robot fitted with a 27.6cm wide suction mouth can effectively remove dust and garbage on the ground under the traction of strong suction; integrated with a V-shaped roller rubber brush, it can deeply clean between gaps without leaving any residue. In addition, D6 is equipped with a wear-resistant wide mop, which can effectively wipe off water stains, beverage stains and other dirt, but it is not equipped with a water tank, so you need to clean the mop from time to time when mopping wet.

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