Boxygen Vocals is an innovative app that works on Voice over Internet Protocol Technology this lets any business place phone calls over an internet connection.

Florida, United States – With the increasing use of phones, one of the most common habits which has developed among majority of users is the amount of time people spend over their analog lines and mobile phones. From calling to texting, playing games, shopping, conducting business meetings, etc. Phones have become an integral part of our work life. However, calling to clients still has some major concerns primarily for two reasons, unpredictable telecom provider costs (such as Comcast, ATT, Vonage etc.) and connectivity issues.

On the other hand, virtual calling has indeed become one of the most important methods to communicate and with Covid restrictions all around the globe, majority of us are further forced to meet virtually or communicate over the phone with our family, friends, clients and colleagues. As we are currently forced to live and work in an isolated environment most of the time, we often forget to catch up with our family, friends or office mates. According to one internet survey investing a few minutes of casual discussions results in higher productivity and a better work life balance. However, to communicate over regular phone lines may even cost more now a days due to carrier talk time packages.

Fortunately, the aspiring techno-entrepreneur team at Boxygen Brands wanted to launch a communication app that uses the latest VoIP technology while providing a cost-effective solution to its users at the same time integrating with today’s hybrid environments. With months of hard work and applying several combinations they launched “Boxygen Vocals”.

Boxygen Vocals is a highly effective next generation VoIP calling app which allows its users to communicate at a small flat subscription fee, it also offers various other features that sets Boxygen Vocals above traditional phone lines.

Boxygen Vocals is an easy to install business phone app that offers superior manageability with its VoIP cloud technology which avoids unnecessary visits of technicians when establishing a new connection. It also allows mobile functionality, which allows users to place or receive call from i.e., smart phones (iPhone, Samsung, Phablets, Huawei etc.), fixed line devicves (Cisco, Polycom, and Yealink), computer, iPhone or iPad. Boxygen Vocals is minimally affected by latency issues once the call is connected, this makes sure that users have uninterrupted conversations.

Boxygen Vocals is a long-term solution as a business phone system in a hybrid working environment as it offers comprehensive communication modes which improves productivity and collaboration among your peers as well as offering a future solution of communication for business needs at affordable flat fees.

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