Celebrity super-agent & 2017 RTVAS ballot award-nominated reality television star, Mr. Barry Mezey has created B1GBTV OTT Television Network in an independent strategic partnership deal with Roku

Mezey Holdings has announced today that its founder and CEO Mr. Barry Mezey has created a new independent strategic partnership deal with Roku for B1GBTV OTT/ CTV Television network on smart devices including web-based, tablet, smart tv, iOS, and Android capable technologies. http://www.b1gb.tv is the official website of the new OTT/ CTV B1GBTV platform. B1GBTV Membership is free on Roku and is advertising based with distribution worldwide for unlimited highly energetic, hysterically funny, and entertaining upbeat content with all while, 10% of the network’s total yearly net profits go to directly benefit autism charity.

Mezey Holdings, today announced a new independent strategic partnership deal with Roku for a new state-of-the-art platform for Mr. Mezey to showcase his funny, energetic, entertaining, and crazy daily life on the OTT/ CTV network’s platform for Roku. Mr. Mezey will feature his upcoming smash-hit reality series “B1G B” as well as daily life and live content in segments where you can see his genius and madness being the perfect disrupter as he has always been to the sports and celebrity marketing industry. Mezey is currently looking for other low-budget finished films and television series to sign for distribution deals as well on his newly mind-blowing and insane OTT/ CTV Network platform. Mezey is focusing his content on the individual or small business owner that needs a platform to showcase their voice on minority and mental health issue-based film and television projects. Mezey has always been a mentor to those with special needs being high functioning Asperger autistic, special needs, and bipolar himself struggling with mental illness his entire life. Now Mezey wants to give a voice to film and television projects that focus on combating mental health, autism, racism, and antisemitism in our society today.

Mezey was recently wrongfully incarcerated for 18 months and coerced into signing a sloppy unconstitutional plea agreement for misdemeanors in a misunderstanding with federal authorities due to his lifelong struggles with mental illness and was wrongfully targeted by the U.S. Department Of Justice. Mezey while incarcerated saw the injustices going on in the broken federal and state prison systems that have failed the mentally ill and saw massive amounts of racial inequality. While inside federal detention from 2018 – 19 Mezey was sexually assaulted by being groped by a lieutenant in FMC Butner and had his face bashed in so badly by federal officers and inmates in each FDC Miami and FMC Butner that Mezey now suffers from the permanent brain, knee, spine and shoulder injuries which the Federal Bureau Of Prisons has refused to make restitution on.

Mezey is now focusing his efforts on prison reform for the mentally ill as well as racial injustices he personally witnessed. This is precisely why Mezey has created B1GBTV to give a voice to the voiceless through the medium of film and television series that focuses on inequality and mental illness so the world can hopefully become a better place for all of us in our own individual right to shine and be that bright star we all want to be. B1GBTV focuses on all genres of entertainment, sports, and the fine arts for distribution, programming, and we offer the best advertising-based revenue share model in the industry for our content licensors, creators, and owners.

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Website Url: http://www.b1gb.tv

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