Apollo HQA www.ahqa.com has accended to be one of the leaders in the Asian pre-IPO and IPO market, with a track record that includes two of the biggest public listings in Asia.

Monday 2nd August, 2021, London, UK – APOLLO HQA (AHQA)(www.ahqa.com) is doubling down on its Asia-centered strategy, by forming three new JVs by the end of 2021, in order to connect their clients with the Asian private equity and pre-IPO market.

“Our focus remain on Asia. China’s current growth rate is smaller than in the past, and that gets over played and over stated. This so called smaller rate is 250-300% higher than the US and 500%+ faster than Japan. The speed of growth we are seeing in the IPO market across Asia is phenomenal, and we cannot ignore the underlying trends driving this massive expansion.”
– said Mr. James Ellvers, CTO with AHQA.

“We are in process of finalizing three partnerships that will give our firm a remarkable vantage point and unfettered access to what we expect to be two of the largest IPOs in history.” – Mr. James Ellvers, CTO with AHQA. 

“Our partnerships agreements with Pacific Capital and Q Venture are already signed. These are two of the strongest VC firms in Asia Pacific, both of them focus on VC-Backed IPOs and partnerships with technology and ecommerce companies and startups. This will give APOLLO HQA access to some of the largest and most valuable IPOs due to be floated on the Asian markets, specifically HK.” – Mr. James Ellvers, CTO with AHQA.   

Firms in Asia have raised $82 billion through initial public offerings so far this year, the most ever for a first half, and beating the previous record of $63 billion seen during a comparable period in 2010. The performance is part of a global trend, with new listings having hit a record of almost $351 billion since 2021 began, as ultra-low interest rates and ample liquidity pushed yield-hungry investors into riskier assets.

Tech stocks were at the forefront of Asia’s IPO boom earlier this year, led by TikTok Inc.’s Chinese rival Kuaishou Technology that pulled off the world’s biggest share sale of 2021 in February.

Singapore saw 3 IPOs in 2021 H1, with S$337 million in proceeds raised and an IPO market capitalisation of S$1.11 billion (excluding secondary listing) on the Singapore Exchange (“SGX”). This registered a 53% drop in funds raised from 2020 H1 which had  6 IPOs with S$712 million proceeds and an IPO market capitalisation of S$1.19 billion.

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic which affected the global economy in 2020, three of the six major Southeast Asian markets  outperformed 2019 in terms of IPO funds raised. Most countries had at least one marquee listing that was the silver lining to an otherwise  subdued year in the IPO market. Thailand continued to outperform its regional peers in terms of the amount of funds raised and the size  of its companies’ market capitalisation.

According to a Deloitte report, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is expected to take 3rd place and Shanghai Stock Exchange 4th place in the global initial public offering (IPO) ranking, after Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange, which will claim the top spot and 2nd place respectively as at the end of June 2021.

Hong Kong’s IPO market achieved a remarkable result in 1H 2021, underscoring its position as an international financial center, including by being able to attract and complete four of 10 largest listings in the world in 1H 2021.


APOLLO HQA is a world-class fiduciary wealth advisers institution based in London, United Kingdom. We provide a wide array of wealth management solutions curated and tailored for sophisticated high net worth and first time investors. Powered by an unparalleled combination of investment professionals and quantitative, mathematical and statistical methods deployed via proprietary algorithms, APOLLO HQA focuses on providing personalized products and unbiased advice.

Founded over two decades ago, in 1999, we have organically grown to be one of the leading players in the Asia Pacific pre-IPO and IPO market.
Our network of partners includes some of the most prolific serial-entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Asia.
The firm’s board of Advisers is joined by some of the top pioneers in the Chinese and Asian private equity market.

Elena Saffrano
Director Communication and Public Relations
APOLLO Heuristic Quantitative Advisers
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